Smoking is expensive

Smoking burns a large hole in the economy. Including direct health care expenditures ($96 billion) and productivity losses ($97 billion), the economic burden of smoking on the United States hit $193 billion per year, the CDC said.

On the plus side, the US smoking rate has dropped below 20%.

[via Reuters]

  • Victim of Discrimination

    This is the latest tack in the campaign of Lies, Dissemblance and Bigotry perpetrated by anti-Smoking totalitarians.

    If you follow the train of warped logic behind the claims, and apply even the slightest amount of common sense, it is blatantly obvious that the accounting is neither scientific, impartial, equitable nor applied responsibly, and that exactly the same accusations could be leveled at ALL recreational pursuits undertaken by mankind to a greater or lesser extent – alcohol and junk food being prime examples, but ‘economic burden’ extends to any activity (or indeed lack of activity) at all that is non-essential to a dystopian ‘perfect society’.

    Did you lie in front of the TV today instead of honing your fitness? Or drive to see a movie when you could have stayed in an read a book (about furthering society)? Then congratulations, YOU are a drain on the economy. The only difference is that you are not the target of the social-engineers who want to run *your* life the way *they* proscribe…… Yet!

    Anti-smokers are not interested in fairness and equity, only in blinkered discriminatory elimination of the inalienable rights of others to pursue happiness.
    To them, any half-baked package of lies is a good excuse.